Wycliffe Mundopa in the news


Mundopa at 1:54 2014

16- 19 October 2014

London, UK

1:54 Features Mundopa

1-54 Wycliffe Mundopa 2014


Mundopa at Ebony Gallery, SA

03 April – 29 April 2014

Ebony Announces Exhibition Opening

10 and 5 Lists Perspectives & Dramascapes Openings


Dramascapes Opens at First Floor Gallery Harare

11 February 2014

Newsday Zimbabwe Covers Dramascapes, Solo-Exhibition
“Deep within the Shona poetic tradition of metaphor and transformation, his images take on cultural and social taboos with the passion and poignancy without moralising or self righteousness,’’

Valerie Kabov, First Floor Gallery Harare co-director, on Mundopa’s Dramascapes

Zimbabwe Herald Features Mundopa Solo Exhibition


Harare News Showcases Mundopa in “Artist Series”

5 February 2014

Wycliffe-Mundopa-portrait-photo1-EDIT harare news


“At 26, Wycliffe Mundopa is already a veteran painter in the emerging contemporary art scene in Harare. Having begun painting at the age of 15, Wycliffe sees painting not only as his first love but also as a life long passion and vocation.” …

“He is deeply conscious of and committed to his culture and his people and the importance of speaking the truth of his time and his place, without making compromises to achieve short-term commercial gains. His works, while deeply Zimbabwean speaks of values, truths and passions shared by all.” …


Njelele Gallery Features Mundopa

 Njelele Gallery, Harare

28 October 2013

The Juice Zim speaks with Mundopa


“I caught up with one of the artists  named Wycliffe Mundopa, he’s the one who did the piece with the bleeding woman above and its called FEAR, at first glance it almost looks offensive but then he went a step further to explain to me what the piece meant, he said he was inspired to do it after a personal tragedy and it bore an inscription that read “i dont walk with fear for what i have lost” i cant disclose the nature of the tragedy but he went on to say in the absence of this fear he was refering to, there is an immense appreciation for what he has.”


Mundopa at 1:54

October 2013

London, UK

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Goldstein at Art Space Covers 1:54 Exhibitions, Features Mundopa image


Liese Van Der Watt Writes “Africa Outside the Ghetto” on African Contemporary Art, 1:54, Mundopa

africaoutsidetheghetto1b africaoutsidetheghetto2-001


Mundopa heads to Berliner Liste 2013

Berlin, Germany

13-16 September 2013

The Zimbabwean Announces FFGH team to Head to Berlin


H Gallery, Bangkok Features Mundopa

H Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

5 -31 January 2012

Harare Beyond Words at H Gallery

“H Gallery is very pleased to announce a groundbreaking show of contemporary art from Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare.

In the shadows beyond the international political headlines about Zimbabwe, art and culture continues to thrive. Harare’s young artists are enmeshed in the life and toil of their city. They share the realities of their compatriots and amid the struggles for daily bread, keeping families together and urban frictions these artists create music, color and poetry. …”

Art It Asia Announces Harare Beyond Words in Line Up


Mundopa at Joburg Fringe

6-9 September 2012

Art South Africa Highlights Joburg Fringe

Joburg Fringe Announces 2012 Line-Up


Mundopa in Jeune Contemporain et Zimbabween

9 – 21 May 2011

Pavé d’Orsay, Paris, France

Jeune Contemporain et Zimbabween at Pavé d’Orsay

Chronicle Zimbabwe Features Paris-Harare Exhibition

Davidzon at Art Critical Writes on Paris-Harare

“Two shady blocks away from the Musée D’Orsay, Galerie Pavé d’Orsay played host this spring to a Parisian first: an exhibition of five emerging artists from Zimbabwe, all from Harare’s visionary First Floor Gallery.  “Jeune Contemporain et Zimbabween” was curated by Belorussia-born, Paris-based, Australian curator Valerie Kabov and Zimbabwean musician and cultural impresario Marcus Gora.  Judging by the mixture of paintings, prints and sculptures on display, Zimbabwean art looks to be developing an independent streak after years of colonial subjugation that can be characterized as a tinkering with high modernism. …”

“Wycliffe Mundopa’s paintings stitched onto the heels of leather shoes fuse a bricolage aesthetic with minimalist scrawl. His bright, thick ink monoprints and stenciled collages, on the other hand, look like 1950s Soviet book illustrations.”

Vladislav Davidzon


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